Protein Characterization Service

Protein Characterization

Proteome Factory offers characterization of proteins and antibodies by most modern mass spectrometric techniques in combination with HPLC and N-terminal peptide sequencing (Edman degradation). Proteins are digested by different endoproteases and/or chemical cleaving methods to generate overlapping peptides of the protein. Following HPLC separation of the different digests the peptides are sequenced by Edman degradation, analyzed by MALDI-MS and MSMS techniques. To ensure highest sensitivity and reliabililty Proteome Factory uses nanoLC-ESI-MSMS and/or MALDI-TOF-TOF-MS which allow de novo peptide sequencing by MSMS analysis in combination with de novo sequencing software SEQUiT!. By combination of the peptide sequence data the protein's sequence is determined.

The work flow of protein's primary sequence characterization is shown here .